Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seeking good base project(s)

The search continues for a decent project to serve as the base for my various shadow implementations.  Ideally I would not like to have to do all the work to make a scene graph instantiating 100+ 3d models that move around in a non-trivial static environment.  I have emailed the creator of the iterinix engine for crowd simulation, hoping to get a basic version sent to me as source code, if not I'll have to do some more searching or make my own scenegraph. This YouTube video shows the IterInix engine, which is something similar to what I'm lookng for.
I will begin to do most of the research for my Shadows presentation on Monday in the next few days. The search process might end or be expedited by the time I finish the research and presentation on Monday. That is all for this week, stay tuned!

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  1. If you don't have luck with IterInix, take a look at OGRE: Also, if you want to develop in C# instead of C++, many CGGT students like using Unity:

    If you decide to open source you project, make sure that you are allowed to include any 3rd party code.